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Create Quiz - add the ability to ask certain number of questions from the quiz

In our base product, you have the ability to "Ask certain number of questions from group" when creating a quiz / assessment. It would be an improvement to be able to do this in Create.
over 1 year ago in Create 1 Reviewed

Export to PPT

I would love to be able to export these presentations to our files, so coworkers have a Powerpoint doc to refer to and edit. Some of my coworkers do not want to use the system. They want to use Powerpoint, which they are familar with. They could e...
2 months ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Page Exit trigger

Add a trigger choice to the pick list End of slide action for exiting a course. It will save developers some development time because they wouldn't need to add a button or graphic instruction for students about how to exit a course to the last pag...
10 months ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Each slide controls it's own navigation

It would be great if we could choose whether the player shows the next/previous buttons on each slide verses overall. I am some situations where I have buttons to advance on one slide, but not the next.
10 months ago in Create 1 Currently Available

More animation options for bulleted lists

Currently, if we put a bulleted list in a text box, we can only set an entrance and exit time for the entire list, so all of the bullets appear at the same time. If we want each bullet to appear individually, we have to create a separate text box ...
over 1 year ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Button - go to Next CHAPTER

The button has the option "to go to the next page" but it does not work to go to the next Chapter.
8 months ago in Create 1 Unreviewed

Timed quiz in Create

Building timed quiz in Create will help build quizzes and exams that are time sensitive in nature. Today without this capability it is not possible to build an exam / assessment where we could gauge the user's expertise in a time-bound environment.
about 2 years ago in Create 4 Reviewed

Make text response boxes resizable

When learners need to type in a text response, the text box isn't resizable - only the box around the text box. Which looks silly, and doesn't help anyone. Can we please resize the input box?
4 months ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

How-to Video's in Absorb Create Knowledge Base

I am new to Create and am still learning the software. While the articles in the Knowledge Base are helpful, I feel it is easier to have a video showing us how to do things, such as: create a slide or a company specific template. The current video...
over 1 year ago in Create 2 Reviewed

Add an another choice to the End of Slide choices

Add a choice to Exit Course to the list of choices for End of Slide choices. When a student gets to the end of a course now, there is no indication they have finished the course and should exit it. I could add a popup box with a message but it wil...
about 1 year ago in Create 1 Unreviewed