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Manager Experience able to enroll in sessions and courses

Manager experience presents the data nice and simply for our managers out in the field. I want to simplify their experience to just use this portal. It would be great if they were able to choose a session for their reports off the enrolled courses...
over 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Currently Available

Allow managers to see entire org in one screen

Managers with multiple levels of reports need to be able to see data in one view, a simple table with all people in manager X's org and then the selected data. Having to naviate up and down is uncessary work for managers and makes it impossible to...
over 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Managers assign courses

Can managers have the capability to assign/enroll courses to their direct reports?
over 2 years ago in Manager Experience 1 Currently Available

API for Manager Experience Feature

We would like to see the API automation set up for the Manager Experience feature. Through out our pilot with a few of our sites, there has been so much positive feedback on the feature from our managers. It gives them autonomy and access to seein...
9 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

export function from manager experiance

Managers need a way to action data from their dashboard, but there is no way to export data, a simple export to xls or csv is needed
over 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Reviewed

Progress completion bar on transcript

Add a progress completion bar on the course transcript for a quick and easy view of learner completion. Ideally the admin/manager would see a color coded progress bar for a quick visual on the learner completion on each course (i.e. it would be gr...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Manager Experience 2 Reviewed

Manager Experience - Course Search needs to be wider or show full course titles

When searching for a specific course in the Manager Experience, the course dropdown selector should be wider to allow for courses with similar titles to be able to know which course you are selecting. Update: I received word that this is how the s...
over 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Manager Experience to show Mandatory Courses

Manager Experience dashboard should have a section to show all Mandatory courses assigned to direct reports to their progress. At the moment it shows all courses without categorising which ones are mandatory. Managers should have the option to che...
11 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Manager Experience - Session Approvals not included in "Pending Approval" tile

To whom it may concern, We noticed that session approvals were not showing up in the "pending approval" tile for the manager experience. We checked with our CSM and were informed that only Course, Curriculum and ILC approvals were included for tha...
almost 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Unreviewed

Multiple Languages in Manager Experience

We cannot launch the manager experience yet because it is only available in English. Everything we do must be translated for our French Canadian employees. It would be great if this feature was translated like the rest of the platform so we can us...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Under Consideration