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Allow direct reports to report to more than one Manager in the Manager Experience

Currently in the Manager Experience, direct reports can only report to one manager. It would be very beneficial if they could report to more than one manager because we have a lot of cases where there's more than one manager to a department who wo...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 5 Reviewed

Self Enrolment Rule - Is Manager

I've set alot of our users to be Managers. I now want to add self enrolment rules to courses to auto enrol managers onto courses but the field is not listed. I'd previously created a custom field for this and was hoping it could be removed but the...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 5 Reviewed

Allow managers to see entire org in one screen

Managers with multiple levels of reports need to be able to see data in one view, a simple table with all people in manager X's org and then the selected data. Having to naviate up and down is uncessary work for managers and makes it impossible to...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

export function from manager experiance

Managers need a way to action data from their dashboard, but there is no way to export data, a simple export to xls or csv is needed
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Reviewed

Manager experience assigned by department and all sub depts.

The manager experience is not feasible for us if direct reports have to be individually assigned. Being able to do it by dept and all sub depts would make this workable for us.
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 5 Reviewed

Curricula Learner Progress Report

Would like to see a customize learner progress report automatically update with courses within a curriculum. When courses are removed/added to the curriculum, the report should be automatically updated and the inactive course are no longer shown o...
about 1 year ago in Curriculum / Reporting 1 Reviewed

Manager's experience should have a tile or filter for mandatory courses

We use the "mandatory" flag to designate requirements and to separate compliance courses from electives. Most of the time, mandatory courses are the only ones with due dates, so it's likely that the manager can just use "overdue" to see if their t...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Reviewed

Manager Experience needs to have a way to toggle between direct and indirect reports

The Manager experience today has no way for a Manager to easily see reports for direct reports separate from indirect reports
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 4 Reviewed

Validate filter by pressing Enter

Since we have the new interface (February 23), we could no longer validate the filter by pressing Enter key. It would be quicker to simply type the search into value field and press Enter instead of click on the Add filter button (or Tab and Enter...
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 3 Reviewed

Bulk Import Supervisor Assignments

it would be helpful to have a way of automatically uploading the supervisor to the user's profile. The Employees at my company are constantly changing locations or we implement a supervisor rotation, so adjusting them manually is extremely time co...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 1 Reviewed