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Instructor Led Courses

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ILC: Declined invites by participants and Instructors

CHallenge: if a participant or an instructor declines an invite, today this is not indicated anyway in Absorb LMS Why we need it: We setup many onboarding sessions where participants are enrolled by our HR team and instructors are also assigned. i...
6 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 1 Unreviewed

Multi-day Session Creation

Currently there is no way to create a multi-day session for an instructor-led course. The result is that in the Learner view in the LMS, the course icon in My Courses, as well as the calendar entry in the LMS, only display the first day. And when ...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses / Learner Experience 1 Unreviewed

Calendar to Show Multiple days for Multi Day ILCs

When an ILC is multiple days long, the calendar still only shows a single date. When a potential client clicks on the course for more details, the calendar will only show the first day of the session regardless of the end date of the session. I ha...
almost 3 years ago in Instructor Led Courses / Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

ILC Zoom Mark Attendance based on attendance of 75% more

Have the ability to only have learners marked as attended if they attended more thant 75% of the Zoom ILC session OR have the duration auto-populated in Absorb so we can untick those who attended less than 75%
11 months ago in Instructor Led Courses / Zoom 3 Reviewed

System generated sign in sheet for ILC Session

There should be a way to export a sign in sheet for an ILC session. This is a common feature in almost every LMS I have ever worked in, and a big miss for Absorb, IMHO. I was able to export the registration report and manually create a sign-in she...
about 1 year ago in Instructor Led Courses 2 Unreviewed

Allow addition of learning objects in ILC courses

It would be helpful if we could add learning objects to ILC courses to add steps before attending a session or after attending a session.
over 1 year ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Only allow "reenrollment" on courses users have already completed

Today, if users have already completed the course, they have the option to reenroll. If admins enroll multiple users at the same time it does not "reenroll" users that have already completed the course but rather enrolls them causing the new enrol...
5 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 2 Unreviewed

Add Venue or Location as a dynamic field for Custom Certificate

Currently, the Custom Certificate function supports only the dynamic fields outlined in this PDF File provided by Absorb. However, as an approved CE provider for an accrediting body in our field of work, we are required to have the course location...
6 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 6 Unreviewed

Receive a notification when a user deletes their enrollment to an ILC session

Currently there is no way of knowing when a user removes their enrollment to an ILC session. Users assume that the organizers gets some notification about this, but we don't, and there has been confusion many times about disappearing enrollments.
7 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 1 Unreviewed

Let Instructors see the ILC they are teaching from the learner dashboard

Because instructors cannot see the ILC they are teaching, they cannot interact with their learners in ILC comments or see upcoming sessions in their own calendar. Enrolling teachers in their own course makes the reporting of those ILCs inaccurate.
about 1 year ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed