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Observation Checklist Points and Total Score

On the Observation Checklist, in addition to pass/fail, we would like the option to assign point values to each of the steps, and then have the system automatically calculate total points at the end. We would also like to assign a passing score (#...
8 months ago in Observation Checklist Lessons 0 Unreviewed

Leaderboard points captured/transferred when merging a user with 2 accounts

Currently when a user has 2 accounts and you merge them only the primary email Leaderboard points are retained and a manual fix is then required to add in all the missing points.
about 2 months ago in Online Courses 0 Unreviewed

Adding a Signature feature

Hello, I work for the Region of Waterloo, specifically the Region of Waterloo International Airport. I am in charge of the Training Program. We are heavily regulated by Transport Canada in all aspects (training, construction, procedures, complianc...
9 months ago in Core LMS / E-Signature Lessons / Online Courses 1 Unreviewed

Observation Checklists | View In-Progress Checklists

When an Observation Checklist is in progress, there is no way to see how the checklist is going. Only upon submittal is any of the data available.
over 1 year ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reviewer Experience 2 Reviewed

Make search bar in course so that transcript is searchable when watching video.

Today, when Pinpoint is used, transcripts are searchable via global search. However, as a learner I would like to be able to search a transcript while I am watching a video and have the Lesson Contents window visible. (Likely a search bar in the t...
3 months ago in Video Lessons 0 Unreviewed

Adopt cmi5 as a compatible protocol for Online Course Content

cmi5 is the latest xAPI profile that 'bridges the gap' between SCORM and xAPI, the comprehensive list of benefits is listed here: but it is already being offered as an export type in Articulate 360 so adoption with Absorb wo...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Online Courses / Third Party Lessons 4 Unreviewed

Blended Learning in a single course

I know this was talked about recently, but can't find it here to vote. What's odd is that Absorb does not offer ability to provide Blended learning apart from setting up a curriculum to contain both an ILC and Online courses. This then limits abil...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses / Online Courses 7 Unreviewed

Notify Reviewers when an Observation Checklist is completed

Reviewers are notified when a learner is ready, but there is no option for Reviewers to be notified when an observation checklist is completed. Overall, visibility into Observation Checklists is needed as you don't know if another reviewer started...
over 1 year ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reviewer Experience 0 Reviewed

Add a Text Box Learning Object

Would it be possible to add a learning object that is only a text box? This would allow for course authors to add verbiage that isn't necessarily tied to a video, URL, document upload, or assignment.
3 months ago in Object Lessons 0 Unreviewed

In Course Uploads, assign a group so any group members with Admin settings can approve.

I may have leaders that are Admins and review uploads for multiple departments. Currently the appropriate setup is to add them individually as "other" approvers. I would like to give a Group access to approving these so if people swap in and out o...
6 months ago in Online Courses 0 Unreviewed