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Scheduled Reports only generate is there is new onformation added

Instead of receiving scheduled reports every day, regardless of new information, you only recieve them when there IS new information. Then you know when you need to review them.
8 months ago in Reporting 6 Reviewed

Manager Experience should be available to System Admin

I have no direct reports but I'm the system admin for Absorb LMS for our organization. I'd like to have the option to access and view the Manager Experience from the Admin menu without having to impersonate one of our users who is a Manager.
9 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Manager Experience Needs Additional Course Filters

Our managers would like to be able to filter their learner data by course categories, like "Safety", "Quality", "ISO", etc. We have close to 1000 courses in our library, and the average manager may not know the course title to search for off-hand....
9 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Certificate visibility in Manager Experience while completing Course again

Currently, if a Learner has completed a Course and achieved a Certificate but is then re-enrolled into the same Course, the previously achieved Certificate is not visible in Manager Experience even if the original Certificate is still valid. Seein...
9 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Reviewed

Observation Checklists | View In-Progress Checklists

When an Observation Checklist is in progress, there is no way to see how the checklist is going. Only upon submittal is any of the data available.
9 months ago in Observation Checklist Lessons / Reviewer Experience 2 Reviewed

Manager Experience should give the option to show Active vs Inactive courses on reports and in search

We inactivate courses that are no longer relevant to a learner's transcript. It would be nice to have the option to hide inactive courses from the search bar and the reports showing in the Manager Experience. This could be a filter built into the ...
9 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Manager Experience - Course Search needs to be wider or show full course titles

When searching for a specific course in the Manager Experience, the course dropdown selector should be wider to allow for courses with similar titles to be able to know which course you are selecting. Update: I received word that this is how the s...
9 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Exit to LMS or Exiting Course buttons in Arituclate Storline 360 and RISE 360 saves progress/returns user to Absorb Learner Dashboard or Course Page

Articulate Rise 360 courses have a button feature called Exit Course (LMS Only). Currently, when the course is hosted on Absorb, and the user selects the button with that feature, the course will close, but reveal a grey box (the iframe containing...
10 months ago in Learner Experience 3 Reviewed

Manager Experience - Generate/Export Reports

I would like to have an action option to export the data being viewed in the Manager Experience (such as the courses/status/priority from the learners view) an an excel or CSV file.
10 months ago in Manager Experience 3 Reviewed

Manager Experience - Expired Certificates and Competencies

Functionality needed in Manager Experience to see users' expired certificates and competencies via the Expired widget.
10 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed