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Hide the tabs below the course player

The new encapsulated course player includes 3 tabs below: Overview/Modules Details/Reviews. These tabs are on the screen all the time, even if I enable a full-screen mode. They interfere with the course space, take a lot of screen space and merge ...
8 months ago in Learner Experience 0

Add option as to how to sort Sessions listed in the popup sessions menu by name then session date.

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Seats available when enrolling should include registrations pending approval.

I have an ILC session that has 6 seats and 2 are approved registrations and 4 require me to approve them (still pending). When I go to Enroll anyone new into the session, via Enrollments under user or under ILC Session reports, the session will ap...

Snapshot of active users in Dashboard

In the previous version of the Admin experience, I could click on the Users tab and see the number of active users at my company. With the Admin Refresh version, it's no longer there, or I'm just not finding it. It'd be great to have something lik...
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience / Administrator Dashboards 0

Show Completion Date in Search Results and Course Content

When users are automatically re-enrolled in a course, they use the Global Search to locate the course (since it is no longer accessible in the Catalog). However, the search results and Course Content screen do not display the Completion Date, ther...
8 months ago in Learner Experience 0

CLOSE ("X") button in Maximized Player View - Absorb Create

For lessons created in Absorb Create, there is no "X" (Close) button in a player when the player is maximized during playback. The "X" button is only visible when the screen is minimized (pane view).
8 months ago in Create 0

ADP Sync shouldn't undo Admin permissions that are manually set

Being able to auto set admin roles like Instructor through ADP is great. We have certain departments where that role applies to all. However, in doing so, if I manually set someone in another department to Instructor, ADP will undo my manual setti...
over 1 year ago in ADP / Integration 0

tracking time per course

A system Admin should be able to track the time on a course when marking it completed. Currently it shows 0d 0h 0m 0s for the duration of the course when marked off completed by an admin. I want to give them credit and use it for MSHA tracking time.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0

Allow User to Cancel Session After Enrollment End Date

For my ILCs, I close the enrollment two weeks before the class starts. I just had a user that wanted to cancel the session, but the Cancel Session button was unavailable because the course enrollment window was closed. I changed the End Enrollment...
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