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Curriculums within Curriculum

As we evolve our learning programs, we need to ability to add curriculums within curriculums. This would allow us to give learners a choice in what they need to take for a single requirement. So for example, we have sales reps who need annual cont...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 6 Low Probability of Delivery

Select specific users/admins that receive message notifications

We have a need to add specific users and admins to receive message notifications outside of the options that are currently available to select from (Learner, Supervisor, Admin). This is mostly prohibiting us from using message notifications outsid...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 7 Reviewed

Set a Time Range for Featured Courses

Currently the Featured course toggle is binary, the ability to set a timeframe during which the course is featured would ensure the course is featured during the appropriate time frame without the need to manually set and disable this function
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 3 Currently Available
157 VOTE

Require Session Selection upon ILC Enrollment

When a learner enrolls in an ILC Session it is possible to not select a Session resulting in potential confusion, the ability to configure a required session enrollment will ensure learners select a Session and have a complete enrollment
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Learner Experience 36 Currently Available

Cancel ILC Sessions where the Minimum Class Size is not Met

Currently when an ILC session has low enrollments it needs to be rescheduled or deleted manually, the ability to configure a time frame by which a Class need to meet the minimum threshold or be cancelled would reduce the overhead required to manag...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses 4 Reviewed

Automatically De-activate Users based on a Date

Currently there is no method for automatically deactivating users, the ability to set the status for a user to Inactive based on a Date field or Inactivity related to a Date field would reduce the need to manually de-activate users who are no long...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 11 Reviewed

Sorting Options for Resources

Currently resources are always displayed in Alphabetical order, the ability to adjust how resources are displayed would enable displaying resources in a meaningful order
almost 3 years ago in Learner Experience 11 Currently Available

Automatic Enrollments for Instructor Led Courses

The ability to configure automatic enrollments for instructor led courses would enable more efficient workflows and reduce the number of interactions needed to enroll learners in this type of content
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Learner Experience 5 Low Probability of Delivery

Export and Import Question Banks

The ability to export and import Question Banks in the LMS would reduce the overhead required to plan and then input changes for questions
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 16 Low Probability of Delivery

Customizable Learner Login Page

The ability to configure the layout and format of the Learner Login page would enable a more cohesive and deliberate design prior to the user accessing the LMS
almost 3 years ago in Core LMS / Learner Experience 4 Unreviewed