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Created on Oct 6, 2021
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Auto Enrollments based upon number of days/weeks from hire date Merged

Currently we manually assign online curriculums and courses to new hires on Day One through their first 90 days as there is not a rule option to truly automate the enrollments.
The request is to expand the auto-enrollment rules to accommodate the ability for an admin to preset the number of days or weeks POST the hire date for online courses & curriculum to be automatically assigned to new employees.

This would eliminate our manual enrollments of all new hires saving us time.

  • Guest
    Oct 27, 2021

    Relative dates are extremely important for us. Our LMS is client-facing. We don't want our clients to get a course enrollment email the same time they get their email notification to set up their account. It is going to be difficult for us to go into a course manually to enroll new users every time a new group of users is uploaded. I have never worked with an LMS that did not offer this option. Relative dates for other settings would also be useful, but less crucial.


Configure Automatic Enrollments to Trigger based on a Date Field

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over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Learner Experience 1 Reviewed