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Created by Alyssa Wied
Created on Sep 14, 2021

Supervisor Functionality

When someone is listed as a supervisor, we need the admin portal to automatically filter to their team. This is the primary complaint that we receive is on this topic. The current functionality only allows to filter the platform to the department. This does not support the needs of a larger organization.

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  • Amber Starfire
    Oct 22, 2021

    Yes, yes, yes to this idea! We have worked around this by creating a "department" for every supervisor, but the admin for this is extremely time-consuming. When employees are assigned to new supervisors, we have to change their department and supervisor information, one by one. And when supervisors shift (which happens frequently), we have to re-work the department structure. We are not a large organization (~1200 employees). This issue must be exponentially more difficult in larger organizations.

  • Alyssa Wied
    Sep 23, 2021

    Hi Robert, Looking forward to this session! I definitely want to be a part of the conversations as this is one of our biggest needs. There are really two aspects of our need:

    1. Like Michael, we also need the ability to mass import or mass assign a supervisor. Right now, this is very time consuming because we have to enter supervisors 1 by 1. The workaround given to us is a custom field, but that adds confusion for our training admins to have two fields and having free fields leaves too much room for error.

    2. The second need is to have the admin side of the portal automatically filter to that persons team. We have multiple supervisors per department and we do not want them seeing the employee data for those that they do not manage. In addition, with hundreds of supervisors, it is really not feasible for us to be able to train and help everyone create their reports. The workaround that has been provided to us of groups is not a solution. Anyone in the system can see created groups. We cannot have departments seeing each others employee names plus that would be hundreds or groups based on employees that are continually moving in and out of role.

  • Admin
    Robert Szustakowski
    Sep 22, 2021

    Thank you everyone for your interest in this feature, we’ll be scheduling a session to elicit additional feedback on your requirements for extended supervisor functionality to understand the needs around this request more completely.

  • Michael Purdy
    Sep 22, 2021

    You cannot currently mass assign someone's supervisor. You can mass assign departments.

    For large organizations, if this idea was implemented I would also like to see a way to assign the supervisor field via User Import.