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Links to meeting requests should be clickable

When a meeting request is generated by Absorb, the link cannot be clicked. When a meeting request is generated by Outlook, the fields are mapped properly. I would be great if the links match the correct fields in meeting requests. How to reproduce...
about 22 hours ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Ability to create ILC session with different timings in same date (i.e.) Morning & Evening Schedules

Hi Team, We have a requirement that ILC sessions will happen in different patterns like 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening in the same date, 3 recurrences spread across two days like Day 1 - 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM & 01:00 PM to 03:0...
2 days ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Option to customize dates for printing user transcripts.

What challenges are you facing today? Preference to print transcript yearly as opposed to all dates. What is your proposed solution for this challenge? Provide the option to set specific dates for user transcripts. Who in your organization needs t...
20 minutes ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

ILC Session Enrollment does not show Date

Challenge: I Have multiple sessions created for a topic. when i enroll a set of people to a sessions, the dropdown does not show the date of the session. it only shows session Name and how many slots available. How will i know which session is whi...
about 3 hours ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

ILC Sessions to be shown in Data order in Total Sessions. it is out of order today

Challenge: I have multiple sessions created for a training. when i look at Total Sessions, the sessionsa re out of order with respect to date. i think its sorting them by alphabetical order which is not correct at all. Anyone who looks at a list o...
about 3 hours ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

ILCs: Ability to add multiple Venues for a Sessions

Challenge: Currently we can only select one location as the training venue. Almost all our trainings have a zoom meeting as well as a meeting room or multiple training rooms for different regions. We do not have an integration for that. In a hybri...
about 3 hours ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Exporting the .vtt auto-generated file

When creating the auto generated subtitle file, could there be an easier way to export? We have customers using multiple languages and this is helpful to us to be able to provide subtitles to the English version of the file so that all our other l...
about 19 hours ago in Video Lessons 0 Unreviewed

Automatically force users to update password

We want user accounts to be as secure as possible, and it would be a great feature if Absorb could automatically force users to update their password every 6 months or so. This would save admin the work of sending password reset emails. Our intern...
about 21 hours ago in Core LMS 0 Unreviewed

Place the language change icon at the top right instead of the bottom left

Many users overlook the globe in the bottom left corner to change the language. Is it possible to place this icon in the top right corner (next to the profile image for example) so that it can be found faster?
1 day ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Better Waitlist

Provide Admins the ability to pull reports on, customize, and control the waitlist based on their needs. The current waitlist functionality is not feasible for any Admin. Here's why: The system deletes the waitlist once an ILC session starts. This...
2 days ago in Core LMS 0 Unreviewed