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Reporting -- All Field Access

Please add true Custom Report capability that can includes access to any field in the LMS database.
Roger Signarowski 15 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Auto Enrollments based upon number of days/weeks from hire date

Currently we manually assign online curriculums and courses to new hires on Day One through their first 90 days as there is not a rule option to truly automate the enrollments. The request is to expand the auto-enrollment rules to accommodate the...
Stephen Rose 23 days ago in Admin Experience 1

Make "group" a searchable part of user profiles like "department" is

Our organization often seeks to capture data about specific groups. In order to do this effectively, and in order to import new users into a specific group, our workaround is that we put the group name in the user profile in the "City" field. It m...
Carter Vitacco 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Don't send me back to the user report when I hit save on a course activity report

This is an issue in multiple reports. If I have carefully created a report to capture users in a particular group that have not completed a certain course, and I open one of those users and edit them, then I click save, I am sent back to the main ...
Carter Vitacco 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Curriculum Report

Currently the Admin or Manager can not run a Curriculum Report that contains completion statuses for all contained courses, sorted by Learner. Please add Curriculum Report building capability.
Roger Signarowski 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Curriculums within Curriculum

As we evolve our learning programs, we need to ability to add curriculums within curriculums. This would allow us to give learners a choice in what they need to take for a single requirement. So for example, we have sales reps who need annual con...
Alyssa Wied about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 4 Unlikely to Implement

Due Date Options

The ability to configure different due dates for different groups of learners within a single course would reduce the overhead in creating multiple courses scoped to various groups of learners
Guest about 2 months ago in Admin Experience 3

Observation Checklist - Email Notification sent to reviewer

When a Leaner clicks "Ready for Review" an email notification is sent to the Reviewer - similar to the task functionality - alerting them to the fact. Currently, a task needs to be created as an object prior to alert the Reviewer which is not an ...
Jem Dykes 3 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Add Exclusion Logic within course availability

Add Exclusion logic within course availabilityJohn BilderbeckJuly 25, 2019 15:19UnfollowI would like to exclude certain users who have completed one course from being automatically enrolled in another.Users are all in the same group and department...
John Bilderbeck 3 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Why do I need 3 accounts to use Absorb

My organization's Absorb portal, the support site, and now this portal require different logins. It would really simplify things if it was just one account.
Carter Vitacco 6 days ago in Admin Experience 0