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Multiple Outbound SAML/IDP

We have an inbound SSO site and a non SSO site. Now trying to connect to a third-party vendor who uses SSO for a chrome less login to their platform requires us to have two outbound IDPs. Doing this we get a 500 error. Either we need to use the SS...
6 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Update to wording used when publishing a course rule

If you update an auto-enrollment rule on a course, and the system detects that there are no new enrollments to be generated, when you click on "publish", it will state the total number of enrollments that it sees (it will say “based on the automat...
7 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Create needs editing capability that is better

I need basic editing funtions when making a presentation in Create. It should be possible to have a page with 3 lines of text on it and be able to change the font size of only one of the lines without everything else changing. This is simple stuff.
13 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Form - Session End vs Class End

For multi-day sessions, the end date on the ILC sessions report shows under the column "Class End Date." However, in the Forms section, when adding fields, only "session end..." is an option, which usually means the end date/time of the 1st day as...
14 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Absorb Academy in Spanish

With Amplify content in Spanish, support staff at Absorb speaking Spanish for email support, and Implementation Project Managers available in Spanish, it would be a great addition to add further support to the Spanish-speaking clients by presentin...
17 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Include Date Completed as a dynamic field in the certificate.

I am looking into using Absorb to track completions and certificates issued from previously held in person trainings. Only the "acquired date" which would be the same as the "Issued Date" is available to include.
25 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Ability to update color options on the Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard color schemes were updated with the May 2024 release. These are incongruent with our Brand. Please provide the ability to update the colors, or provide the ability to choose from a few color set options. I understand that these...
25 days ago in Admin Experience 2 Unreviewed

Add a Notes field to Group definition

Groups are created and updated in the Admin Experience for a variety of reasons. It would be helpful to have a notes field to allow admins to be able to track why a group was created or updated and the anticipated use.
27 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Using the data metric Time Spent to allow for course completion.

Time spent is currently being tracked in online courses, it would be great to allow the completion of the course to be based on this data point/ metric i.e. the learner will have to achieve a certain amount of time spent within the course before t...
27 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Add enrollment date to certificate report so we can study time to complete

No description provided
about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed