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Reports: Manager column not available in any course reports.

Challenge: In any of the course reports, manager is not available as a column. If i have to create a course completion report with a pivot showing different managers and how many people are pending for each manager, i cannot do that . I have to pu...
8 days ago in Reporting 1 Unreviewed

Add UK Map to Area Map widget

Can we add a UK (and other european countries) to the area map widget? Broken down by counties, which is a user field already available.
8 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed

Reports: Ability to Report on Admin Notes Field

There is currently an admin notes field in the More area of course creation. It would be very helpful if that field could be added to the display and exported for reporting.
9 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Reports: Ability to Exclude Multiple Categories

We would like the ability to exclude multiple categories in reports. Today we can include a specific category and subcategories of, but we can't exclude the multiple areas that we don't need to report on such as staff meetings.
9 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Reports: Change Control History

When a course is republished, require the submitted to include a note on what has been changed. Make the republish date, changes made, and submitter name reportable in the reports are of Absorb.
9 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Reports: Original Publish Date

It would really help us with reporting if an original publish date field could be tracked and added to all reports. It doesn't really matter to us when we initially create a course b/c that is not when it's actually available to staff and clients ...
9 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Allow for sorting in Analyze Essential

It would be great to allow for the option of sorting reports that are built in Analyze Essential. Right now, the report comes out kind of randomly. If we could specify how to sort the report during the design of it, that would be great.
10 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed

Admin Overdue Course Activity Report with Manager Field

I am currently tracking global compliance assignments for our organization and while I can pull a report to see which learners have not completed it, I do not have the ability to add the learner's manager to the report so that I can contact them a...
15 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Changing the timeline of a scheduled report

Our Partners require a semi scheduled report 1st and 15th of each month for certain courses. The 'completed' date needs to be for the previous month only. It would be great if you could simply update the 'completed' filter of a pinned report. Curr...
22 days ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Editable Field Names

When using the new Analyze Essentials menu; we would like to ability to edit the field names for the selected fields. The current default is to have the table name : full field name for a selected field in an Analyze Essential report. We would lik...
27 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed