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Disable send new user email when Updating Users

When updating existing users, the Send New User email button is enabled, suggesting an email with the change would be sent to the current users. However, toggling the button to OFF does nothing at all. This button should be disabled to eliminate c...
Amy Janczy 8 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Control Editing Administrator by Group

It would be great if we could control who are the primary editing administrators of courses by group rather than the current department setup. I have a small group of admins that span different departments so it would be more accurate to set up a ...
Andrea Adera 8 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Inform Department Progress Reports - Make Enrollment Details for all departments easier to access

After selecting a department from the Department filter, you can click anywhere in the blank space below the report to view the enrollment details for all visible departments. The Enrollment Detail report screen shows all Enrollment Details for al...
Zoe Green 8 months ago in Reporting 0

Instructor Ability to Request to Teach (Instruct) an ILC

We have over 70 instructors who all want to instruct courses. In our old system (built in house) we allowed them to log in and then "Request" to instruct an upcoming course. It works the same way a user would enroll except it goes into a different...
Pat Thompson 8 months ago in Integration 0

File Browser for uploads

The files that are uploaded, especially video files, sometimes need to be downloaded. For example, There was a course we created from 2020 that had a video. The original copy of the video was lost/removed/deleted so we wanted to download the copy ...
Jeremy Miller 8 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Export reports to third-party vendor applications

We would like to see an enhancement with Reports to be able to export them to a third-party vendor application such as Google drive.
Jeff Harrison 8 months ago in Reporting 0

Add the ability to create synonyms for your search results

As an Admin user who looks at search result data, I need the ability to create synonyms/keywords for courses so that when my customers perform a search, the right course can be recommended. For example, I might have a course called Apples and a cu...
Guest 9 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Sort search results by name

Infuse search calls allows sorting by price. Allow sorting by name as it is our users most common sort.
Guest 9 months ago in Infuse 0

Add a automated notification to go to course creator to review course for currency

Time goes by so quickly its so easy to lose sight of that last time you checked a course for currency. To add a tab to automatically notify admin when course XXX is due for review or to set a date when the course is no longer aviable until a revie...
Karne Deguet 9 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Additional Session Confirmation if user changes sessions

(updated/ignore) - Apparently I didn't have on the messages that send updates to this does exist. whoops. When a learner enrolls into an ILC session they get a calendar invite in 2 ways (1-on the registration screen as a button, 2 -...
Tracy Parish 9 months ago in Learner Experience 0