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Makes courses ineligible to users if they move department

We would like to have the ability to change the department in which a learner is assigned and then be able to revoke access to content that they should no longer be able to participate in. The key thing is that when the user's access is revoked du...
Guest 11 months ago in Learner Experience 0

Limit return to curriculum from a course to curriculum that it was launched from.

Currently, if I launch a course from within a curriculum, when I want to return to the curriculum, I have to select it from any other curriculum that also contains the course and that I'm enrolled in. Thus, using courses in multiple curricula can ...
Vance Giboney 11 months ago in Learner Experience 0

Add API for Logins

Currently no API for Logins exists and this causes us to perform manual reports for Login activity. We would like to see an API for Logins to allow for Clients to see Login count in their Business Intelligence reports (like MS Power BI)
Charles Hughes 11 months ago in Reporting 0

Provide a warning message or error notification when marking a course complete via Mark Attendance

Currently, when you mark attendance for an ILC, the attendance page does not give you insight into the status of required uploads (or evaluations). Checking "Completed" will not update the course (unless the requirements are fulfilled), but the sy...
Christopher Yellen 11 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Consistent for waitlist handling in Enrollment status issue

The enrollment behavior for different admin roles are different. The admin with higher admin access right can follow the waitlist setup whereas the admin with less admin access right cannot follow the waitlist setup. Even if they followed same pro...
Guest 11 months ago in Admin Experience 1

Allow the catalog and content to be crawlable/searchable (robot.txt)

For companies that sell training who are using Absorb (like us), the fact that entire catalog, course descriptions, etc., are unable to be indexed and searched significantly hinders our customers' ability to "find us". I understand why a company m...
David Fishbach 11 months ago in  0

Default Evaluation

Add the ability to designate visibility for a default evaluation question using rules. Right now, if you don't want to use the default evaluation questions, which are designated in Portal Settings, you need to go into the course and create a custo...
Carol Schulte 11 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Administrators can add learners directly to ILC waitlists

Current system behaviour is that if an administrator enrolls a learner to an ILC (Instructure Lead Course) they overright maximum class limits (with an alert) and the learner is enrolled. However if a learner self enrolls they would be placed on t...
Michael Hosking 11 months ago in Admin Experience 2

Send Admin Editors Notifications

Our SMEs would like to receive enrollment and nudge notifications when people are enrolled in courses/curriculum
Ami Ehrlich 6 months ago in Admin Experience 0

move SELECT button when using share icon

Currently when we share a link to a course, if the user clicks on it, they are taken to the main page for the course, and the SELECT button to start is in the upper right hand corner - and NO ONE ever sees it. They email constantly saying the star...
Amanda Pitsch 11 months ago in Learner Experience 2