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Email Edits in Course or Curriculum will not Save in Code View

Email Edits in Course or Curriculum will not Save in Code View
4 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Status Page

We would love to have a status page to help us understand the current status of the Absorb infrastructure, similar to or Specifically we want to know when the SSO or API ...
4 months ago in Platform 0 Unreviewed

Add External Training as “Edit” and “Approve” in Manager Experience Permissions

Request for a new feature that we believe will significantly enhance the manager experience within Absorb. We would like to propose the addition of "Edit" and "Approve" permissions for external trainings in the manager experience dashboard. Curren...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Unreviewed

Allow change of course type text on course tile

In the modern L+D environment, many courses are a complex sequence of actions (eg register with somewhere + read something + pass a test + apply for a card etc etc). These aren't ILC's but they aren't just "online courses" either. The 'online cour...
4 months ago in Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

iDeal, ApplePay, Google Pay and other payment methods

Absorb LMS e-Commerce only offer limited payment systems (creditc card and paypal). in NL the most popular methods are iDeal and Apple Pay, its a pitty we cannot use these methods (and other methods), especially when the gateways allows additional...
4 months ago in eCommerce 0 Unreviewed

Possibility to reference dates by variables in date field criterias

Would be nice to be able to reference dates by variables. For example: Today. One use case might be if a user will change group based on a user-defined field. Let's say this UDF is called Probation period end date. If this date is passed, the user...
4 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Enrollment Key Locked/Templates

A setting that enrollment keys are able to be locked (similar to how roles are locked) and set as a template so that others can duplicate and edit an enrollment key.
4 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Course Duration Mass Porting from Go1 to Absorb (while converting courses)

Right now there is no automatic porting of the duration of the course from Go1 to Absorb. Ideally on the Course Catalog, the learner should be able to see the expected duration of each course but this cannot be included at a mass setting but needs...
4 months ago in Third Party Lessons 0 Unreviewed

New File Manager - Allow turning this option off

All of our course material is saved on our company network drive in categories. I would like to not use the Absorb File Manager. It is an extra step and not efficient for my time.
4 months ago in Online Courses 0 Unreviewed

Course Level Default Department for E-Commerce

Currently, the default department for an account created via an e-commerce public purchase is set either: at the global e-commerce settings level, or via coupon codes. It would be great to be able to set this at the level of individual courses, as...
4 months ago in Online Courses 0 Unreviewed