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Add Single Report: Curriculum - Course - Lesson

Is it possible to run a report that would show: Curriculum title, Courses (contained in it), and Lessons (in those Courses)? Thanks, Rick
8 months ago in Admin Experience 3 Reviewed

Use Enter button to Search

When searching a column for a keyword, I should be able to hit the "enter" button to make it search instead of requiring me to click the "Add Filter" button. It's really annoying.
8 months ago in Admin Experience 5 Reviewed

Validate filter by pressing Enter

Since we have the new interface (February 23), we could no longer validate the filter by pressing Enter key. It would be quicker to simply type the search into value field and press Enter instead of click on the Add filter button (or Tab and Enter...
10 months ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 3 Reviewed

Date Edited field should respond to Content Changes

Currently, if you modify any Learning Objects in an Online Course or Curriculum, the Date Edited field does NOT get updated. During an audit (such as ISO), it is very difficult to prove what Course version that a Learner has received, and it would...
11 months ago in Admin Experience 3 Reviewed

View more than 20 names when creating a group or enrolling users

In the previous admin portal (A5), we had the ability to view more than 20 users when manually enrolling them in a course or creating a new group. In the Admin Experience it cuts off after 20 and displays a message "too many items to list." We wou...
12 months ago in Admin Experience 5 Reviewed

New File Manager: Navigation to the file manager from the menu

We need to access the file manager from the main menu, rather than through the Course Edit page. This was the navigation in the previous iteration of the file manager.
12 months ago in Admin Experience 6 Reviewed

Ability to Rename a Report Layout

Add the ability to rename a report layout. Currently, if you want to change the name of a saved layout, you have to delete the old layout and recreate it with the new name. This is tedious.
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 9 Reviewed

Make the Reviewer Experience More User Friendly

The Reviewer experience can require a lot of extra work for a Reviewer and needs streamlining. If there are several items needed for one learner, the option should be available for multiple completions grouped or to loop back to the main menu. Whe...
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience 2 Reviewed

Self enrolment rules - Supervisor Field

We want to only allow 'managers' to self enrol on a course but there is no supervisor flag field in the dropdown self enrolment rule area. All line managers are actually absorb supervisors, i.e. an absorb user account may have them selected as the...
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0 Reviewed

Adding Resources to more then one catagory

We should be able to select more than one catagory hen adding a reqource instead of having to add it more tham once.
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience 1 Reviewed