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Manager Experience

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Manager Experience needs to have a way to toggle between direct and indirect reports

The Manager experience today has no way for a Manager to easily see reports for direct reports separate from indirect reports
4 months ago in Manager Experience 3 Reviewed

Manager Experience - Generate/Export Reports

I would like to have an action option to export the data being viewed in the Manager Experience (such as the courses/status/priority from the learners view) an an excel or CSV file.
4 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Reviewed

Allow direct reports to report to more than one Manager in the Manager Experience

Currently in the Manager Experience, direct reports can only report to one manager. It would be very beneficial if they could report to more than one manager because we have a lot of cases where there's more than one manager to a department who wo...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Reviewed

Send Nudge from Manager

It would be great if Managers were able to send a nudge manually to their reports directly through the manager experience. A button on each course tile under a users name to "send nudge" would be great. A next step up from that would be a button t...
17 days ago in Manager Experience 2

Inactive Courses Should Not be Visible as Overdue in the Manager Experience

Courses that are "inactive" in the LMS should not be displayed as Overdue for employees in the Manager Experience. Employees cannot access the course content to complete a course once it has been switched to inactive.
16 days ago in Manager Experience 1

Manager's experience should have a tile or filter for mandatory courses

We use the "mandatory" flag to designate requirements and to separate compliance courses from electives. Most of the time, mandatory courses are the only ones with due dates, so it's likely that the manager can just use "overdue" to see if their t...
4 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Reviewed

Manager experience assigned by department and all sub depts.

The manager experience is not feasible for us if direct reports have to be individually assigned. Being able to do it by dept and all sub depts would make this workable for us.
4 months ago in Manager Experience 5 Reviewed

Manager Experience should be available to System Admin

I have no direct reports but I'm the system admin for Absorb LMS for our organization. I'd like to have the option to access and view the Manager Experience from the Admin menu without having to impersonate one of our users who is a Manager.
3 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed

Certificate visibility in Manager Experience while completing Course again

Currently, if a Learner has completed a Course and achieved a Certificate but is then re-enrolled into the same Course, the previously achieved Certificate is not visible in Manager Experience even if the original Certificate is still valid. Seein...
3 months ago in Manager Experience 1

Manager Experience - Expired Certificates and Competencies

Functionality needed in Manager Experience to see users' expired certificates and competencies via the Expired widget.
4 months ago in Manager Experience 0 Reviewed