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Add integration

Would it be possible to add an integration into Hubspot? That is used as much as Salesforce, and I don't think it would be that difficult to add, and it would benefit many of your users.
3 months ago in Integration 1 Currently Available

Add Time Spent to Salesforce Connector

Time Spent is a useful field to report on on the LMS and it would be as useful to bring this data with the Salesforce Connector in the Contact Enrollment object, where the field is already existing
5 months ago in Salesforce 1 Currently Available

Each slide controls it's own navigation

It would be great if we could choose whether the player shows the next/previous buttons on each slide verses overall. I am some situations where I have buttons to advance on one slide, but not the next.
10 months ago in Create 1 Currently Available

Add free text to add questions page

I would like a question page where they student has to leave a free text answer. Currently it is only offered in the quiz page.
10 months ago in Create 1 Currently Available

Absorb Create: Image editor (flip, rotate, colour hue)

It would be really helpful to add the ability to edit basic functions of an image within a shape or on a slide. For example, the ability to flip horizontally, vertically or rotate an image. At present, I have to edit the image outside of Create us...
10 months ago in Create 2 Currently Available

Managers need the ability to assign training to multiple users at once

With the recent update it looks like the manager experience is limit to a single assignment to a single employee at a time. We need to allow managers to choose multiple assignments and MORE IMPORTANTLY multiple employees.
12 months ago in Manager Experience 1 Currently Available

Send Nudge from Manager

It would be great if Managers were able to send a nudge manually to their reports directly through the manager experience. A button on each course tile under a users name to "send nudge" would be great. A next step up from that would be a button t...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 5 Currently Available

add Credits (CPD) to Manager Experience Dashboard

Our staff must complete a certain amount of credits (CPD) or learning hours each financial year. It would be helpful for Managers to be able to view the total Credit balance for relevant period for each of their direct reports including credits fr...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 3 Currently Available

Manager Experience

When you navigate to the manager experience from the admin portal, it opens in the same window with no easy way to go back to the manager experience. Currently, all you can do is log off, however it would be great if there was also the option to n...
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 2 Currently Available

Curriculum Completion in Manager Experience

It would be great to be able to see curriculum completion instead of just course completion. Our managers don't know what courses are in new-hire onboarding so to see curriculum completion for that would be better.
about 1 year ago in Manager Experience 3 Currently Available