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Add and switch between message templates

Give the option to add a new message template. I want a different welcome message for external users. I'd like to switch between welcome messages for new users so that I can send a different message to externals.
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 5 Unreviewed

Admin Sent Mailbox

Admins would have a sent inbox, in addition to the mail inbox to be able to track messages they sent to learners!
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience 1 Unreviewed

Reduce number of steps when uploading files (Introduce ability to drag and drop)

Could you allow users to drag and drop files in order to upload. At the moment there are too many steps/clicks/movements in order to upload a simple learning object or resource file into the LMS.
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience 1 Unreviewed

Preview all learning objects in Admin Experience

There has be an update in June: "'preview' icon right in the course syllabus next to Scorm, AICC, Tin Can, and of course Absorb Create lesson objects that allows an Admin with the Files permission to see the lesson just as a learner would!" Our co...
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 4 Unreviewed

Multiple enrollment rules for a single course

A very common scenario with us is the following. A single course going out to a large audience. However, within that audience are sub-groups with different enrollment requirements (different email messages, different due dates, etc.). Since all th...
almost 2 years ago in Admin Experience 3 Unreviewed

Re-enroll users for updated/new version course

We make updates to our HR, Compliance and Legal policies from time to time and we need oru employees to retrain on it. If a new version of a course is saved, the system should ask if the new version is equivalent or requires retraining. If it is e...
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience 6 Unreviewed

Ability to add global resources as a course resource

Sometimes we have resources that we want attached to a course but they are also standalone resources. It would be nice to be able to add global resources to a course resource. It would eliminate some version control issues
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 3 Unreviewed

Deleting a thumbnail at course level should NOT delete from File Manager

When in Edit Course and adding a thumbnail and you use Choose File , thumbnails that are Uploaded appear in the File Manager : Once in File Manager, this thumbnail is now available to be used over and over again for various courses. If you choose ...
2 months ago in Admin Experience 3 Unreviewed

Automated Reports by Person

"Susie" is changing jobs. Is there a way to run a Report to see what automated reports Susie currently receives? Thanks,Rick
10 months ago in Admin Experience 1 Unreviewed

Ability to enroll/credit completion for course or multiple courses in one step

In our use case, employees are hired and prescribed a number of curriculum which may contain ILC courses. The learner does not "select" which course/session to enroll in, they just show up to orientation. Afterwards, an admin cannot easily "credit...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 2 Unreviewed