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Status Unreviewed
Categories Online Courses
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 20, 2023

Course Upload File Type Restrictions

Adding an option to restrict file types accepted for the course upload. For example, one of the documents our learners need to submit must be a PDF document. However, some learners take a picture or screenshot of their completed form online and upload that, which we have to decline. Since some of our documents are subject to government standards/guidelines, this is an important aspect of managing uploads.

If there was a way to set up file type restrictions within the course settings, that would be very helpful, such as the ability to choose and say, only allow "PDFs" or only allow "JPEG" or allow all file types.

We do include instructions for the learner to submit it in PDF format, but they either skip over that instruction or are not tech-savvy so they aren't sure how to save and upload documents from their device. They are only familiar with where pictures are stored on their device.

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