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Certification Mechanism

Currently there is no mechanism at all for setting up Certifications with set renewal periods and automatic notifications for Start, Due, and Expiry dates. A Certification would act as a "Wrapper" for single or multiple courses. Please work on thi...
Roger Signarowski 15 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Multi-Currency Simultaneous Prices

Multi-Currency Simultaneous Prices Listing functionality currently enjoyed is being lost with Admin Refresh (AR). All Absorb customers to be on AR by end of 2022. Absorb "may look at this a year from now." Will there be a gap between the two? L...
Roger Signarowski 15 days ago in Learner Experience 0

Filter by Group in Reports and Users

Groups can be useful to distinguish active from inactive learners, separate learners by enrollment key used, or role/position/title across all departments. However, I haven't found any pages that allow filtering by group, which kind of defeats the...
Peggy Esch 30 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Blended Learning in a single course

I know this was talked about recently, but can't find it here to vote. What's odd is that Absorb does not offer ability to provide Blended learning apart from setting up a curriculum to contain both an ILC and Online courses. This then limits a...
Drew Klassen 30 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Observation Checklists | Mark Attachments as Mandatory

The upload field should have an option to be marked mandatory. It is very easy to miss that step when required because the reviewer missed it, or because they forgot to hit the second "Attach" option. Speaking of that, when selecting attach, the f...
Nicholas Kida about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Resource link available in Admin Experience

I'd love to be able to see the link for a resource within the resource table on the admin side, rather than creating it, going into the learner experience and then finding the "share link".
Tracy Parish 23 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Option to Display Additional Statuses for Courses in the Catalog

Currently it is possible to indicate that Courses are Mandatory or Featured, additional or custom statuses would enable the ability to communicate further relevant labels and surface these courses to Learners
Guest about 2 months ago in Learner Experience / Admin Experience 0

Required Fields for Courses

We have several admins in the system who are able to add content. The ability to set which fields are required would really help to standardize the catalog and save time in catalog clean ups.
Alyssa Wied about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Batch Print Certificates

Our admins often need to print or save certificates for safety or compliance courses to have on file or for their employees to retain a copy. The ability to complete this as a mass action would save a lot of time and headache.
Alyssa Wied about 1 month ago in Admin Experience 0

Update privacy for resources

Currently, when sharing a link to course or global resources between logged in users, the logged in user can access the resource regardless of accessibility rules.
David Rushton 16 days ago in Admin Experience 0