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Mass/Bulk Completed Tasks show Admin Name in History

When an admin goes in and selects multiple users and completes a task for them, the history on each individual user shows that the "System" completed the task. We need to know which admin selected this bulk action. The way it is set up today, the ...
10 months ago in Task Lessons 0 Unreviewed

Customize Latest News Posts

Having the option for different font sizes and colours so news posts can be customized.
about 2 years ago in Engage / Learner Experience / News Articles 0 Unreviewed

saved layout when adding courses

It would save time if we could choose from a saved layout when adding courses, this would save time
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 1 Unreviewed

Create a forum for admin users

If there would be a forum to discuss our detailed requests and solutions, that would save time for admin users and support team who replies tickets. Admin FAQ is not showing details usually.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Ability to Create a Text Area on Dashboard

We would like to be able to place instructions on our dashboard in text form without updating a tile. It would be great if we could just add a text box in anywhere we want to place information.
about 2 years ago in Administrator Dashboards / Learner Experience 0 Unreviewed

Mandatory vs not mandatory filter on export all enrollment data report

It would be helpful to have the mandatory vs not mandatory filter for reporting and exporting all enrollment data. this would help clean up the reporting a lot easier as we have so many reports that are not mandatory
10 months ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Course Administrators - Course Visibility by default should be 'None' - makes it 1-step process to give visibility rights to specific admins

Currently, course administrator visibility by default is set to 'All Admin'. When course visibility for admin is assigned to specific department, the courses in which the default setting is auto-applied remains visible - which makes it difficult a...
10 months ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed

Add language as part of fields to ADP Connector Workforce Now

There is a list of 80 fields that are transfered from ADP to Absorb LMS but the language is not one of the field. Adding that field will help in many ways, specially to display the FAQ in the proper language, based on the user's profile.
over 1 year ago in Learner Experience 1 Unreviewed

User to be able select the language when starting a video - either for content or subtitles

We have regions (Like the UK) where learners may have an English account, but do not speak English that well. If I have produced a video in 3 languages (English / Polish / Romanian) I would like the user to be able to switch between them, or them ...
over 1 year ago in Learner Experience 1 Unreviewed

Unlink url with each tag

The tags the appear within each course should not be attached to a url, they should just be a stand alone "descripiton" that is searchable within the platform for the course.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed