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Create child templates for templates - more grafically interface for users

It is great to be able to add a tempalte to a department. But it would be fantastic that the tiles inside the Parent template could open on a child templtates. Example of workflow is listed... Today: In the Parent template there is a tile with All...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Enable xml markup on Assessment questions so I can do rtl (for arabic) on questions and answers

We support 6 non-English languages, including Arabic. I would love to be able to show assessment questions (and answer choices) in rtl...
9 months ago in Content 0

Add course link to course report

We have to go back and forth between Admin and Learner view to grab the course link to add to enrollment and nudge emails. It would be helpful to have the course link within the course report view.
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 0

Report specifications not all being displayed on the report printout (Excel)

When you filter for a specific set of data and then print it to Excel, some of the filter criteria is not listed in the printout header defining what the data represents. For example if you specify you want enrollments greater than 0, status equal...
over 1 year ago in Reporting 0

System Unavailable Page - when dashboard needs to be disabled due to emergency

Based on this Absorb development issue which occurred on Sept 12 which required our company to go into each of our 379 courses to switch from "Launch in model (iFrame)" to "Launch in popup" which takes time, there needs to be an easy option to dis...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 0

The time zone is not consistent between Activity Feed list and the activity detail

For example, the activity list displays an activity at 1:08pm (our local time) when I click "View Activity Feed" for a user, but when I edit this particular activity, it displays 11:08am (perhaps Calgary local time).
9 months ago in Admin Experience 1

Deselect the user automatically after exiting the edit mode

After edited a user and save, we have to deselect the user we just finished before selecting another user. It should be a default action to deselect after exiting the edit mode. It will be even better to have the display of the users at the same p...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 2

Would like the ability to set a scheduled time for "Reset Sync" for the ADP connector

Currently, to reset the sync for our ADP connector, we must manually "Reset Sync", which re-establishes the time when it happens for future sync events. We want this to happen very late at night or in the very early morning hours and the only way ...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 0

Enrollment Key Notes Field

We really need a Notes field available on Enrollment Keys. Right now, we have no way of tracking changes made to enrollment keys. It would be incredibly helpful to have a notes field to track any changes to the enrollment key and allow admins to e...
over 1 year ago in Admin Experience 0

RSVP for Instructors & Enrollees

Can there be an option for instructors and enrollees to confirm that they received the meeting invite via Absorb? I facilitate a 4-day orientation that has 24 presenters/instructors. Outlook's rsvp's functionality is faulty (If you "Accept" but do...
9 months ago in Admin Experience 0