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Status Unreviewed
Categories Core LMS
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 18, 2023

Generate auto-enrollment rules for mandatory vs non mandatory courses

We are looking for the system to only be able to distinguish auto-enrollment rules for mandatory courses in a person’s profile.

This could for example look something like the below.

Certificate A is expiring. > Is the course mapped? (YES) > Auto enrol user into the course

Certificate B is expiring. > Is the course mapped? (NO) > Inform user the course is coming up to expire, without auto-enrolling.


Certificate B is expiring. > Is the course mapped? (NO) > Put course back into a “recommended courses” category to advise it is recommended to revalidate without re-enrolling

The purpose of this is to combat the issues below:

* If you are enrolled in a curriculum which requires a certain certificate and the certificate expires, you would usually be auto enrolled.

* But what if you no longer need that curriculum, therefore no longer need the course. We wouldn’t want you to be re-enrolled.

* If you have uploaded a historic certificate for the traceability of your training record, but the training doesn’t pertain to your current role, you will be auto enrolled onto the course. However, because this is just a training history, we don’t want you re-enrolled as we have just recognised you have completed a certificate but don’t necessarily need to recomplete.

* This would be prevalent in certificates which are pre-requisites to other courses. Although the pre-requisite has expired, it doesn’t matter as you now have a higher qualification and therefore wouldn’t need to resit the pre-requisite course. We want the history in the LMS, but don’t want you re-enrolled in it.

All the above scenarios would be solved if the LMS could identify auto-enrollment based on an IF formula of your mapped requirements.

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