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Embed Zoom into the LMS

Having the user leave Absorb to participate in a Zoom webinar type of event creates a disruption to the user experience. It also eliminates the branding developed in the LMS by completely disconnecting the user from Absorb. Keeping the user experi...
over 1 year ago in Integration / Learner Experience 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Add API endpoints for editing Groups and Group Rules

Would be very useful for our business model to be able to modify group rules via the API.
almost 3 years ago in Integration / RESTful API V1.5 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Calculate Course Duration Automatically

Auto-calculate course duration and populate the info within Course Settings. This would be a sum of all of the "Add time to slide" values from all of the slides within the course. This value could then be adjusted as needed.
over 2 years ago in Create 1 Low Probability of Delivery

One password for Ideas portal and Support Portal pls

This would be timesaving for all admins who access both portals. Very frustrating to have to have two passwords gates
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience 1 Low Probability of Delivery

Add attachments to Messages to students

When messaging a student being able to attach a document. Many times instructors want to send documents to a user(s) that are enrolled in a session.
over 2 years ago in Learner Experience 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Download Create Course Content to PDF or PPT

It would be very helpful for the course content of courses created in Create to be downloadable to PDF or PPT such that trainees could print to take notes if desired.
about 1 year ago in Create 6 Low Probability of Delivery

Reporting -- All Field Access

Please add true Custom Report capability that can includes access to any field in the LMS database.
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Change a due date retroactively

Currently, there is not a way to retroactively change the due date (e.g. moving the due date from Sept 1 to Oct 1) for already enrolled learners. Sometimes we change our minds about due dates after a course has been launched, and would like to be ...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience 3 Low Probability of Delivery

Quiz images

Show the jpeg or png within the quizzes so they dont need to click to open them when taking the quiz. Self explanatory
almost 3 years ago in Learner Experience 3 Low Probability of Delivery

Enrollments are removed when Enrollment Rules are adjusted

When an Enrollment rule is adjusted such that a learner is no longer in scope for accessing a given course, if the enrollment has already been completed then no change is made - The option to remove enrollments which no longer align with Enrollmen...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Learner Experience 8 Low Probability of Delivery