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Embed Zoom into the LMS

Having the user leave Absorb to participate in a Zoom webinar type of event creates a disruption to the user experience. It also eliminates the branding developed in the LMS by completely disconnecting the user from Absorb. Keeping the user experi...
12 months ago in Integration / Learner Experience 1 Reviewed

Enable deep links (course links) to go directly to course through SSO

By definition in most platforms, a deep link takes you directly to specific content, through SSO, even if you are not currently logged into the platform. In the case of Absorb, the direct course links only work if you're already logged into the pl...
12 months ago in Learner Experience 7 Reviewed

Date related filters include "In the last x days" vs specific date ranges

Currently date related filters only give the option to select before x date or after x date, etc. I currently run a report every week to see how many users last logged in >90 days ago. I have to manually update the Last Logged In filter to Befo...
about 1 year ago in Reporting 3 Reviewed

Set Department default report views (like organizational defaults for reports)

Changing the report default layout for reports has been very helpful. As we've been growing, we've been finding it becomes necessary to set different views based on the department of our admins. Right now, the only method to do this is to save rep...
about 1 year ago in Reporting 5 Reviewed

Unique Badge/ competency awarded for completing X Y & Z curriculum

We have curriculums with badges attached, however to encourage completion of all curriculums, we would like to be able to give a special badge or competency to highlight completion This would enable easier reporting on completion of a group of cur...
about 1 year ago in Reporting 3 Reviewed

Analyze - Time Conversion

When reporting in Analyze on how much time a learner has spent in a course, the good news is that there is a field available. Unfortunately, this field is reported in seconds, which is not so great for a course which can last over 40 hours. Two po...
about 1 year ago in Analyze 6 Reviewed

Leave lesson error

At the end of the course there is a pop up that says you are leaving the course and you will loose all your work which apparently is the function when you leave the create side to enter the LMS. This is even worse with the curriculum. The next but...
about 1 year ago in Create 18 Reviewed

Ability to Rename a Report Layout

Add the ability to rename a report layout. Currently, if you want to change the name of a saved layout, you have to delete the old layout and recreate it with the new name. This is tedious.
about 1 year ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 9 Reviewed

Report on Courses enabled for Mobile App.

To add a filter on the drop down menu of the Courses report to allow Admins to easily spot those courses that have been enabled for Mobile App.
about 1 year ago in Mobile App / Reporting 2 Reviewed

API End Point for External Trainings

Please create an end point regarding to the External Trainings (Using External Training Template). This will help: -Pull external training data by user(credits, vendors etc) -Evaluate user external trainings -Calculate/Maintain/Report Employee (Us...
about 1 year ago in Integration / RESTful API V1.5 1 Reviewed