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Categories Core LMS
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 11, 2024

Allow course message settings to be retroactive

For our use, for all course types, we may set course messaging to be a certain way at the initiation of the course. As we teach and change the course, we may want to change some of the settings for the reminders (make them more/less frequent or change the timing/iteration of them, for instance) and enrollment messages that go out. Currently when you make these changes, they only affect users who are enrolled AFTER you make the changes, not ALL learners. That means if you want uniformity you have to un-enroll and re-enroll learners, which can cause issues with due dates on compliance courses.

I'm sure there is a reason it's this way, but if message settings could be retroactive when changes (or a check box to make a choice between retroactive or not) that would allow all our learners to have the same communication experience. This would help us when it came to audits and leadership's questions about "how often learners are being told" about something - right now we have to say, well this percentage of the learners was enrolled when the message rules were this and this, but this percentage get a reminder like this and's frankly ridiculous to keep track of and explain to leadership that not all learners are having the same communication experience, which doesn't help our creditability as a department.

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