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My ideas: Instructor Led Courses

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Allow Enrollment in recurring ILC after some sessions have passed

I set up a recurring ILC for a weekly training. Now that the first sessions have passed, I can't enroll anyone new (because they didn't attend the first sessions, it's saying no future sessions available). This is not a good workflow when you have...
6 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 5 Reviewed

"Notify me" button to let learners know when new ILC sessions are added

Many of our ILC courses run only a few times a year. Currently, learners must return to the LMS to determine if new sessions have been added. Adding a "notify me" option to the course would be useful. The learner would receive an email notificatio...
10 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 4 Reviewed

ILC Zoom Mark Attendance based on attendance of 75% more

Have the ability to only have learners marked as attended if they attended more thant 75% of the Zoom ILC session OR have the duration auto-populated in Absorb so we can untick those who attended less than 75%
12 months ago in Instructor Led Courses / Zoom 3 Reviewed

Allow learners to Join ILC sessions hosted with the Teams Integration from MS Teams

When using the Absorb Teams Integration for Virtual Classroom Integrations, we would like our learners to be able to join the meeting directly from their MS Teams Application. Currently they need to copy and paste the meeting URL to join the call ...
almost 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses / Integration 2 Reviewed

Integration with zoom

When more than one (zoom-) instructor is added as an instructor on a e.g, ILC then one of them are defined as Host. Suggestion: Specify which one of the added Instructors who is the Host, and ensure that the other instructors automatically will be...
over 2 years ago in Instructor Led Courses / Integration / Zoom 1 Reviewed

Enable Ad Hoc Sessions and multiple class dates/times for ILCs

We have experienced difficulties while attempting to accurately schedule, enroll learners, and report on ILC training sessions that contain more than one class. We either need the option to create ILC sessions that contain multiple classes that st...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses 7 Reviewed

Automatic Enrollment for ILCs

Allow automatic enrollment rules to be created for ILCs. With a remote workforce, this is a great way to notify employees of a mandatory live training, so we don't want to give them the option. Rules would be much nicer to set up rather than havin...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses 4 Reviewed

Don't delete Cancelled ILCs

Add a cancel option that doesn't remove enrollment data, but also sends out the cancel email to learners and instructors. However, keep the data for who signed up. That way, if the class is scheduled in the future, we can look back to who register...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses 7 Reviewed

Cancel ILC Sessions where the Minimum Class Size is not Met

Currently when an ILC session has low enrollments it needs to be rescheduled or deleted manually, the ability to configure a time frame by which a Class need to meet the minimum threshold or be cancelled would reduce the overhead required to manag...
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Instructor Led Courses 4 Reviewed