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Interaction visibility behavior based on slide completion not course competion

It would be great to have the option to have an object appear if the individual slide is completed rather than the entire course. For example, when I make a branching slide, the learners have to complete all portions and are sent back to the start...
Brian Fore about 13 hours ago in Absorb Create 0

Have leaderboards for courses, not users

It would be great to have a leaderboard for specific courses instead of user groups. For example, if I run a campaign on Customer Service, I want to see who earned the most points just for that content. Currently, all points earned from other cour...
Brian Fore about 14 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Add/Allow .ICO file format for logo images

ICO is a popular format that contains one or more small images (at multiple sizes and color depths) so they can be scaled appropriately. They are often used for logo/icon images.
Paul Hart about 16 hours ago in Learner Experience 0

Course Upload approval notifications

When a user submits a course upload, those listed as approvers all receive an email notifying them. We would like the option to turn that off, or filter specific approvers for the notification. example 1: If I am a swim instructor in Chicago, and ...
Katie Maas about 16 hours ago in Admin Experience 0

Have the ability to hide visibility of courses in a learning pathway / curriculum

When creating a learning pathway/curriculum, all of the courses within it must be active. This means when people search they are presented with courses as well as the curriculum. It would be good to have the ability to hide the individual courses ...
Kristy Eighteen about 21 hours ago in Learner Experience 0

Google Meets ILT Support

Automatically create google meetings for ILT and support automatic attendance tracking. We regularly create ILT courses and need to create the meeting link and mark attendance manually. Would be amazing if this could be managed more seamlessly.
Melissa Dadd 1 day ago in Admin Experience 0

Secure testing feature

Looking for a way to secure our Absorb tests so that, while test-taking, employees cannot use the internet to get answers to test questions.
Guest 1 day ago in Learner Experience 0

Learner Dashboard / Landing Page Tiles

When the admin edits the templates (public/private) dashboard can the tiles be configured with permission like the enrolment rules. We have a a umber of customers who purchase elearning courses, we don't want them to access things like Resources o...
Hugh Vaughan 1 day ago in Learner Experience 0

Forum/Discussion Board Learning Object

I'd like to see a new learning object where learners can talk to each other and share ideas and upload media. A discussion board with dated threads would be ideal. The course admin needs to be able to moderate and remove/alter learner posts.
Hugh Vaughan 2 days ago in Absorb Content 0

Microsoft Teams Breakout Room Manager capabilitiy

In July, Microsoft released to Microsoft Teams the ability for meeting owners to designate attendees as presenter/managers of breakout rooms. Also released was the ability to pre-assign breakout rooms. When Absorb schedules an ILC session with MS ...
Timothy Smith 4 days ago in Integration 2