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Add Due Date column in ILC activity or grades report.

It would be helpful to be able to see the learner's due date for the ILC and/or curriculum attached to the ILC session. This would allow recognition of expired learners or learners taking the class too early. This is important, especially when the...
2 days ago in Admin Experience 0

Set future Enrollment Date

Currently admins can set an "Access Date" in the future, but it still enrolls all the learners as soon as it is Active. Either make the "Access Date" the date the learner is enrolled or add a separate "Enrollment Date" so admins can set up future ...
9 days ago in Admin Experience 1
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Report on Multiple Courses in a Single Report

The ability to display multiple courses in reports such as the Course Activity Report would enable the following:-Reduce the number of reports which need to be created and stitched together-Quickly validate the status for multiple courses in a sin...
over 1 year ago in Reporting 73 Likely to Implement

Use Enter button to Search

When searching a column for a keyword, I should be able to hit the "enter" button to make it search instead of requiring me to click the "Add Filter" button. It's really annoying.
about 2 months ago in Admin Experience 1

Add an optional instructor field to online courses

For online courses, there is currently no option to add an instructor. I would like to add the instructor for each online course for multiple reasons, but there is no ability to do this. Adding an instructor field: Enables the instructor to show u...
7 days ago in Online Courses 0

Allow users to message Instructors

An instructor can message users in a course but the user can't message the instructor back because the instructor's name is not clickable in "priority messages". Please make this clickable or make communication between instructor/learner easier to...
7 days ago in Instructor Led Courses 0

Automatically closing out Create course once completed

When you are completing a course that was created by Absorb Create it will not allow the course to automaitcally close. There is a continue button at the end of a Create course that when clicked, will not close the course automatically and is a "d...
about 1 month ago in Learner Experience 0

Bulk Edit Course Setttings

We would love the ability to bulk edit settings. For example, it we want to turn off multiple attempts at a quiz across all our courses and lessons, we have to open each course and then each learning object individually. This is time consuming and...
3 months ago in Admin Experience / Assessment Lessons 1

Ability to tag a course as NEW that would show in corner on the Course IMage

It is nice that there is a featured ribbon to feature courses but it would be great to highlight NEW content with a tag or label on the top corner like attached!
about 1 month ago in Learner Experience 0

Add auto-fill field to messages to display the course description.

In the confirmation message to the learner it would be good to be able to include the Course description as a "auto-fill" field
6 days ago in Learner Experience 0