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For Answers Report and Multiple Tries on CREATE Course quizzes

Currently, if the learner tries a quiz multiple times, the Answers report will only show a record of all the tries if the Learner closes and then re-opens the CREATE course between quiz tries. It is not intuitive to have the learner close and reop...
11 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

For CREATE courses containing a quiz

On the assessment reports in Absorb, please make attempts count actual quiz tries/attempts. Currently the reports count how many times the CREATE course was opened by the learner and not how many times the CREATE quiz was taken by the learner.
11 days ago in Create 0 Unreviewed

Speed Adjustment Feature for "Voice Over"

I would like to propose the addition of a speed adjustment feature for the "Voice Over" functionality provided by Absorb Create. Currently, administrators can utilize the "Voice Over" feature to add audio narration to their e-learning content. How...
19 days ago in Create 1 Unreviewed
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Edit more that one course at a time for the sliders.

Edit more that one course at a time for the sliders. The ability to select multiple courses and edit things such as enable course review, course is active/inactive, and course due date bulk editing would be AWESOME. Now I need to do several licks,...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 28 Under Consideration

Courses should have the ability to automatically move from one menu item to the next upon completion.

Currently, the viewer does not have a good learning experience: When using a full screen mode, the viewer need to complete the video, leave full-screen mode, click on each menu item to move through our courses, and then click on the next item. thi...
12 days ago in Online Courses 1 Unreviewed

Report: Course and Curriculum

Hello Absorb team! We are in need of a report which shows all curriculums and the courses within them. This will help us have a clear view of our library, especially when performing periodic reviews according to state regulatory and internal agenc...
about 1 month ago in Reporting 0 Unreviewed

Add a curriculum group to the top, middle, etc - not just at the end and have to move up

Hi, when you have a curriculum with a lot of groups already and you're adding a new one, it automatically gets created at the bottom (no other option), and then you have to try to move it where you want it. Sometimes that is very difficult (esp if...
about 1 month ago in Curriculum 1 Unreviewed
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Track which Admin enrolled the learner in a course

Currently, enrollment history is not retained by the system, except for the enrollment method. In the case of admin enrollments, it would be helpful to know which admin enrolled the user.
almost 3 years ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 6 Currently Available

Credentialing tool integrations

Offering credentials (certifications, certificates, badges) is an essential element for garnering user adoption and confidence and for reporting department ROI. Challenge: While the rest API documentation is comprehensive, the process is cumbersom...
5 days ago in Integration 0 Unreviewed

Store Course Materials in an ILT by an Admin

We have certain ILT's that it would be great to be able to store Power Points, PDFs, and Videos in a similar fashion as are viewed in a CBT. Especially if this ability to be applied to the Session level. While you can store these files in the Glob...
13 days ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed