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"Notify me" button to let learners know when new ILC sessions are added

Many of our ILC courses run only a few times a year. Currently, learners must return to the LMS to determine if new sessions have been added. Adding a "notify me" option to the course would be useful. The learner would receive an email notificatio...
3 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 2 Unreviewed

Automatically force users to update password

We want user accounts to be as secure as possible, and it would be a great feature if Absorb could automatically force users to update their password every 6 months or so. This would save admin the work of sending password reset emails. Our intern...
7 days ago in Core LMS 0 Unreviewed

Assign multiple categories to a single course

No description provided
12 days ago in Core LMS 0 Unreviewed
330 VOTE

Schedule an enrollment

Ability to schedule a user to be enrolled in a course/curriculum on a specified date/time.
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience 28 Reviewed

Receive a notification when a user deletes their enrollment to an ILC session

Currently there is no way of knowing when a user removes their enrollment to an ILC session. Users assume that the organizers gets some notification about this, but we don't, and there has been confusion many times about disappearing enrollments.
19 days ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Reoccurring class session - select specific dates, reoccur same day of each month

We need more flexibility in the reoccurring class session. Specifically we need to be able to set a session to reoccur on the same day every month, for example the first Friday of each month. Currently we can only set it for every 4 weeks, some mo...
about 1 month ago in Instructor Led Courses 0 Unreviewed

Allow Outlook Reminder Notifications < 24 hours before course start

The Outlook invitations generated when a learner enrolls in an ILC session are created with a reminder 24 hours before the session begins. The default within our company for meeting invitations is 15 minutes. In request #240489, I was advised that...
about 2 months ago in Instructor Led Courses 1 Unreviewed
114 VOTE

Manager Experience needs to have a way to navigate back to Admin section

Today Managers have to either logoff or use the back button for the web browser to navigate back to the Admin section. This is a poor experience for the Manager.
10 months ago in Manager Experience 8 Currently Available

Allow for sorting in Analyze Essential

It would be great to allow for the option of sorting reports that are built in Analyze Essential. Right now, the report comes out kind of randomly. If we could specify how to sort the report during the design of it, that would be great.
8 days ago in Analyze 0 Unreviewed

Allow admins to import ILC course enrollments/completions.

I need the ability to add course enrollments in bulk for ILC classes that have already occurred to capture the historical record. Our company is new to using an LMS and training happens frequently outside of the system and I need a way to continua...
26 days ago in Admin Experience 0 Unreviewed