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Make Analyze search not case-sensitive

When I search for a course to report on in Analyze, I must use the exact same capitalization as in the course name. Remove the case-sensitivity so we can search without capitalizing or uncapitalizing.
about 2 years ago in Analyze 3 Low Probability of Delivery
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Allow for "Department 'Is Not'" Enrollment Rule

When creating an enrollment rule for Courses or Groups, Absorb only allows you to use Departments is "Is Only" or "And sub-departments of" logic. I would like to be able to exclude a department by setting it to "Department" "is not", and then sele...
about 2 years ago in Admin Experience 19 Low Probability of Delivery

Default exclude deleted/inactive enrollments/chapters

Many of the data models include deleted and inactive items by default and require adding multiple filters to exclude that data. This is generally opposite of the behavior in reports and views in Absorb. For example, if you copy a course for testin...
over 2 years ago in Analyze 1 Low Probability of Delivery

Would like to inactivate courses and not have them removed from user transcripts

Currently, if we inactivate a course, it's removed from a user's transcript but the completion certificate, if one is assigned, stays on the transcript. We would like to see all courses taken whether they're active or inactive in the LMS stay on a...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Separate the "Enrollments" Role Permission

I think that the "Enrollments" permission should be separated to have the option to allow an admin to enroll, re-enroll, and/or un-enroll users. Currently, the permission has a "View", "Enroll Anyone", and "Modify" option. The "Modify" option allo...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Reporting 9 Low Probability of Delivery

Include a "expand all" button in the learner transcript. Sometimes you have to click "Load more" several times.

No description provided
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 1 Low Probability of Delivery

Quiz questions allow different fonts

When creating a Quiz Bank of questions i am not able to bold, underline, or change the font on a word within the question. For example: "choose all the answers that do not apply to hazardous conditions" I want to be able to underline/bold or chang...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience / Learner Experience 2 Low Probability of Delivery

Support for Google Meet-powered ILCs

More and more companies are now using Google Meet, instead of Zoom or Teams. Although we know that using the URL allows for this too, it'd be very good to have Google Meet along with the existing options.
over 2 years ago in Instructor Led Courses / Integration 3 Low Probability of Delivery

Change the department assignment for dashboard templates

We need the ability to CHANGE THE DEPARTMENT that is assigned to a dashboard template so that we can make all of the updates to a template using a test department, then make it live to the correct department when it's ready. Currently, to create a...
over 2 years ago in Learner Experience 4 Low Probability of Delivery
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Auto enroll learner in all courses within a curriculum

It would be nice to have the option to automatically enroll a learner in every course that is included in a particularly curriculum. As it is right now, we have to enroll the learner in the curriculum, then each individual course as well, which is...
over 2 years ago in Admin Experience 7 Low Probability of Delivery